Sponsorship through Advertisement.

We are looking for Sponsorship in return for advertising.

R.S.M are trying to raise funds in return for sponsorship. Creating suitable partners either at local or national level, By doing so it is hoped to make the website self sufficient.

Your business product or service  Must fit our requirements, I.e Must contain no offensive material (such as nudity, porn or abusive language), Must not promote addictive tendencies (Such as Gambling, Sex, Alcohol or drugs). No money lenders. We cannot advertise Another Faith or religion that openly rejects and promotes against, the “teachings of Yeshua.  If your business contains any of the above, please refrain from applying.

On the other hand if you are wishing to promote Peace, Love & Understanding then please feel free to apply below. The level of Sponsorship is left up to you to decide. Although the size of Sponsorship should reflect the size and quantity of the advertisements required.